“Some take things to heart, others to their belly – IBS: what is it and how is it treated?”

Excerpts from the introduction to Prof. Sperber’s book on IBS by Prof. Zamir Halpern, Director of the Gastroenterology wing of the Tel-Aviv Medical Center.

“…most of the time this belly forces me to change my plans” says AB, who suffers from IBS, a functional disorder of the gastrointestinal tract. This disorder involves significant physical and emotional suffering and can place severe limitations on patients. The frustration felt by both patients and physicians increases further because there are no specific tests to diagnose the disorder, as there are in other diseases. The disorder is identified primarily by the symptoms that the patient presents to the physician. Despite this, IBS can be treated with a significant improvement in patients’ quality of life.

BookIn this book Prof. Sperber reviews the various aspects of IBS. He explains relevant basic medical concepts, presents the symptoms characteristic of the disorder, and explains the diagnostic process and the various treatment options.

Providing a good, succinct explanation to patients is a central part of the “art” of medicine. In this book, which is dedicated to a comprehensive explanation of IBS, Prof. Sperber leads the readers on the path to a greater understanding of the disorder as if they were sitting across from him and conducting a dialogue with him. The logical sequence of the presentation and the clear explanations are written in a language that can be understood by all. I strongly recommend this book not only for patients, their families and friends, but also to professional healthcare providers who can gain immensely from reading it.

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